Friday, April 28, 2017

Health update

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have updated regarding my health. Things have actually been improving now that I have worked closer with my homeopath. I will try to explain it the best I can however it does require a basic knowledge of homeopathy as a whole.
Homeopathy works on the premise of like cures like. For example someone with a bee sting or allergy may use honey to calm the reaction since they come from the same source. Someone who has seasonal flower allergies may use lavender oil to help soothe their itchy eyes and someone with food poisoning may take Arsenicum Album as if you ingested straight arsenic you would get the same gastro intestinal results.
For years I have taken tarantula for my PPD and mood swings however I had never tried the LM dosages and the max dose taken was a 1M (highest form that is readily available without contacting a pharmacy in pill form). We started on the 1 LM and have now progressed to LM2. As more discussions have gone on between us it has always caused confusion that I am not a true “spider” remedy. Spiders are known for being cold and emotionless and if you know anything about me I am quite opposite; with the exception being my PPD worst 4 years ago. I am bubbly and through these remedies have cried at things for the first time in 10+ years.
We kept circling and one day while I was going through my symptoms yet again my homeopath chimed in that she has another patient that has been treated for Lyme and my case sounds identical; flu symptoms, weakness etc. A tick is an arachnid just like a spider! Eight legs and all!
Anyone else seeing the connection?
I have gone and have been tested by my doctor with the very basic CDC test and it has popped negative. Our next steps are to try the Lyme nosode ( basically try to “give” me Lyme) to see if we can kick it. If it is not the right remedy nothing will happen but I am very hopeful. There is also a huge detox program involved with Lyme and I have begun that process already. Between the detox and being on level 2 of tarantula I could not have been feeling better. I am still having slight flares however it is nothing to what it was before. I have moved furniture all day and still been able to hike the following day. I have been able to walk the zoo without being in a wheelchair. I can come home from work and still do a lesson or 2 with the kids without collapsing. I can be intimate with my husband and not feel eeky and in pain.
I know I will never be 100% healed and will never be rid of this illness however my quality of life has improved greatly. My husband has his wife back and my kids have a mother that can actually do things. I have read books (finally finishing the Fellowship of the Ring which has been on my list for 13 years!), participated in 2 craft swaps, and worked overtime at work.
God is amazing in the things he has accomplished and the knowledge and wisdoms he has given Rebecca. I am so grateful for both and knowing I have my life back.

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