Monday, March 13, 2017

No more sickies!!!

 Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.
A first place trophy at our church's annual turtle race for the fastest decorated turtle. This is huge as she was not going to compete until last minute since she "sucked" the year before...

Some one on one play time with the boy... Eating and destroying things...

A 2nd place win for our Sparky team at Sparksarama

My trove of goodies from the Spring Equinox swap. 2 of my top choices ( the bunny and birds) however the root baby has grown on me so... Even the itty bitty lady bug on top!

 A Hobbit themed play blanket complete with castle, lake and Shire...


 Nanner's dog Rondo suffered a back injury and unfortunately was paralyzed from the waist back for a few days. We were very worried about needing to put him down however after several days of anti inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers has now allowed him to walk with his paws right side up again and not fall over nearly as much. If I could only keep him off the couch and stairs would help! 

the plague finally passing throughout our house. We have suffered a bug being passed around for 3 weeks and finally took Ryguy to the doctor as he was the worst off and couldn't shake that high fever. Oddly enough it was strep ( he had NEVER complained of a sore throat) however none of us have tested positive as of yet. Some of the family was put on preventative antibiotics as they were sharing drinks and food and Randy since he can't get strep due to his auto immune issues. My boys are now running around again and much less snotty so I am very happy.

I have started on some more crafting in future posts and am feeling back closer to myself since starting a round of steroids for this week long migraine and am back on my tarantula. Progress for sure.

I would ask for prayers however for Nico's family ( the stepkids other brother) as his father died a few weeks back. He stayed with us a week and had the funeral this weekend which was a bit emotional I'm sure. Traveling during snow storms are not helping as well as they are now finally coming to Illinois. Safe travels and peace of mind are deeply needed.

What are you grateful for as of late?