Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KCCO: Art therapy

I realized that I have not done a KCCO post in forever. Well not that long but close enough. With my hands flaring up as much as they have and work entering overtime mode 3 months early I have not have the strength to do much crochet or knitting. I did finish one Christmas gift however and started a second so they may be all done in time. I mostly have been journaling lately as I need something mindless to do in this time of stress. My brain is pretty mushy and needs a break for sure. I need encouragement and strength with all of these pressures pushing in on our family so many of them are Biblical based or just happy words or sayings.

I also created a window transparency which Ry promptly crushed me by saying "hey its an elephant!"
When 3 children agreed I had to just shake my head since in my vision its a hedgehog under a tree. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

What have you been crafting lately?

Monday, August 29, 2016

summer update

Some time to reflect on the last few weeks and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.

first day of school photos...

surviving the first week of school...

a trip to the renaissance fair as an intro for Mark for this year and a fun day out with the kids...

my last messy play in the park, a success. I also found fan mail from the local kids thanking my team for the event. It makes me feel super warm and fuzzy to know the kids appreciate what we do, sometimes more than our employers do.

finding photos of smiling and happy faces from our teen mission trip...

finding form drawing shapes at our local children's museum....

an overabundance of veggies from our CSA which has allowed us to give plenty away to neighbors and friends.

fun but relaxing time at our local library...

What are you thankful for lately?