Monday, March 31, 2014

Prepping for the ACT

Well the ACT test date is creeping up on us and it seems that we are fairly confident at the moment. Mind you I am positive it will change on the 12th when I wake Kota up early to get ready. Here are some big things that I learned in prepping her for this exam.

Online practice tests are your friend. Recommend them take a few a week in different  subjects and mix it up.

Remember to upload your picture. DO NOT FORGET. We almost waited until the last minute and if you do not submit it in time you lose your spot and all of your money.

Big breakfast the day of. Even though she normally does not eat in the mornings she will be stuffing her face to make sure she does not fall asleep halfway through it from waking up so early.

Any other tips/tricks to prepare my test-hater for the ACT?