Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Granny Stitch Fingerless Gloves

So I finished crocheting a granny style shawl a few weeks ago from this pattern and felt that I needed some gloves to go with them. I used this pattern as an inspiration however modified it heavily to make it into a granny squares vs the lacier look. Below is the pattern I created so I can make them again for gifts.

Yarn: Worsted weight
Hook: 4.5mm/U.S. G

Ch: chain
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Sl st: slip stitch

Ch 28, join with sl st, being careful not to twist the chain,
Round 1: Ch 1, sc in every stitch around, join to ch 1 with sl st
Round 2-4: Ch 1, DC in each around

Round 5: Ch 3, 2 dc in same stitch, *skip 2 stitches, 3 dc in third stitch, repeat from * around until there are only 2 stitches left, join to ch 2
Round 6-10: Sl st in middle dc of dc cluster, ch 1, 3 dc in same stitch, *3 dc in every open space*

Thumb space
Round 11: Repeat Round 6 until the last dc cluster, skip the last dc cluster, and join to 3rd chain of ch 4 with sl st
Round 12-14: Repeat Round 7
Round 15: Ch 1, sc in every stitch around, join to ch 1, fasten off.
Weave in all ends

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A May poem

photo by Beanie

'The moon shines bright, 
and the stars give light, 
A little before it is day; 
So God bless you all, 
both great and small, 
And send you a joyful May!' 

Author Unknown

Monday, May 18, 2015


A time for reflection and gratitude. There is no way to be crabby and mean when you sit back and think of all you are grateful for this week.


being 3 projects away from presenting a diploma...

a garden planted with cucumbers, eggplants and lettuce...

old tomato plants growing up from our previous garden...

some new fingerless gloves on and off  the hook...

a school year almost over for my step kids so we can enjoy summer vacation with them...

a set of donated bowling balls recovered...

specialists appointments in my future to finally have answers regarding my health...

a little boy enjoying his solids... 
a birthday present for friends in the making...

a cuddlebug for when I am hurting and need it... 

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Learning to knit

 As you may start to notice a keyboard, pens and notebooks are normally in the background of most of my crafting photos. I spend a good amount of time crafting at work as I work in a call center so there is some down time in between calls. I am not slacking I promise and crafting is AWESOME stress relief  from the yelling and crabby people I speak to daily. I have had a few coworkers ask me to teach them to crochet so there will be more of that on another day as I am teaching macho men to create crochets bunnies and scarfs.

Well during some free time I was checking out Wee Folk Art which is one of my favorite blogs to visit. If you have never been... You need to. Tons of crafty fun goodness.

For the last 3 years I have wanted to learn how to knit. I would sit down with directions from here and get a good cast on and end up with a knotted mess. Several swears later it would be in a ball and I would pick up my crochet hook for something more comforting. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't figure out: In, Around, Under, Off. Until now.

I figured I would Youtube it as Google and Youtube can teach you how to do ANYTHING. Ask my husband. He has learned how to fix nursemaids elbow, completely rebuild computers with motherboards and hard drives and rewire our vans.  The internet is wonderful, but back to knitting.

So I ended up here which had a wonderful step by step video. I finally figured out it was the wrong prepositions for me to understand it. For myself I have to go: In, Under, Around ( wrap) and (push) off. The story I tell myself in my head is quite a morbid one pushing someone off a cliff but whatever works right?

The final result. 
It is not straight or even but it is beautiful as it is the furthest I have ever gotten before.  I am very proud of myself and am looking forward to making my first scarf. Knit on!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grateful Sunday

A grateful Sunday remembering my Mother and Gama who are no longer with us.  It never gets easier without them but I do hope I lived up to everything they thought I would be.
Happy Mothers Day.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Grateful Sunday

Gratitude Sunday. Looking back to the last week ( or 2) and reminding myself on how blessed our family truly is.

..... a beautiful daughter on prom day.

..... a successful lip tie revision.

..... a big smile after said revision.**see he has an upper lip now!**

..... Daddy able to fix Ryguy's nursemaids elbow after hours in the ER.

..... a diploma that is waiting to be given to a graduate.

.....a shawl that is almost finished .

..... a special gift to me that is Mother's day present of the lifetime.

.....a senior cooperating for senior photos.

 .....some beautiful weather for said photos.

..... a date night with my hubby to the Olive Garden that was long overdue.