Friday, March 30, 2012


One of my favorite aspects of Montessori is the application of practical life. We had always had squirt bottles around for Nanners hair as it needs some help in order to look manageable. She has always had an interest in them but I never enjoy water all over my house. When we went to the zoo she was given the opportunity to use one in full force and "water" all of the plants in the greenhouse. She loved every part of it and of course I didnt get any pictures. This being said when we got home she wanted to go to work and spray every aspect of my bathroom. I had to explain that some things could not get wet (Mama's phone) but the bathtub could use a good scrubbing after you spray. She loves the feeling of accomplishment of helping Mama clean up.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On our trays

Again behind. these have been out for a few days but never got the chance to put the post up. Last month I never took any pics so you will have to forgive me. This month though we did an Easter/spring theme.
We have:

matching sound eggs

matching color eggs

color grading (we still haven't got a hang of this)

and spooning.

Our sensory bin is full of eggs, Easter grass and this lightup fuzzy chick. Spring cookie cutters also are in our bin.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Moments to Remember

So Ive got behind on a few posts. I do apologize. Luckily the business has been growing the way i have needed it to so we were able to take some time to go to the zoo like we have been wanting to for awhile. we started a new custody agreement that allows us the kids on some weekends so we can take this time to enjoy them off of school. The kids saw plenty of animals but it seems like their favorite part was painting their face in the play zoo area. Nanners decided that she was a cat and Mark was a puppy. 

them working on makeup together

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