Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Breast is best

PSA don't ever ask a breastfeeding mother to cover up or even mention nursing in a bathroom.  It is illegal in most states and completely unneeded. That is all

Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have found a newfound love of the Waldorf swaps. Basically in a nutshell a bunch of moms pick a theme, do some major crafting and then swap and share! This months theme was "Play Kitchen" so I was very excited seeing I just finished making the kids their own bigger kitchen out of a repurposed coffee table. I hope it isn't just me but I get frustrated when I look at some of the toy kitchens and it seems only 1-2 children can fit over there at a time. With 7 total its just not an option so the coffee table was a much better fit.

 My contribution for the swap is sushi so I journaled a bit for inspiration.  

and then Beanie and Koda helped paint all the pieces I had cut out from my new scroll saw I received from my dad for my birthday.
Aren't they sweet?!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Its been awhile

Cue the sappy Stained song.... Actually I like that song a lot. There has been several changes through the last few months and I realized how little I have been posting. This use to be an online journal for me and a reminder to take lots and lots of photos to remember everything. I have been taking less photos since Koda is now pursuing a photography major as she does all the work for me. Here are some of the big things I need to update on.

I had our new baby in early October. He goes by Giddy and for the most part is a very pleasant baby.

Koda is inches close to graduating and we are starting to plan graduation parties and picking out diplomas. She does not have a college picked out for the time being and is flip flopping her college path of doing criminal justice or photography first as she needs both to do forensic photography. Yes, she wants to take photos of dead people and crime scenes and this confirms she is her father's child.

Nanners is almost graduated from her Cubbies class for Awana and has started a new dance program. She really enjoys her new teacher and luckily since it’s through our local park district that I work at I can be involved and spend more time backstage with my little dancer.  


RyRy has FINALLY started talking. There was some major concern of a language delay with him as only spoke 20 words, most of them being made up. Then one day, BAM. His vocabulary just exploded and he talks about how cool and happy he is about things. He adores being a big brother and is always insisting on helping with "baby".

Homeschool wise I have chosen to take a different approach for the littles as Nanners is approaching school age. As much as she begs to read and many peers are reading it is obvious that it isn't clicking yet. I have done some more research and talking it over with Randy and have decided to take more of a European approach of waiting until 7 to push any real "schoolwork" and we are adding more of a Waldorf approach to their preschool time. There will be an entire entry about that change when I get a chance to write it.


Although it’s been summed up in a few paragraphs its been some exciting changes and I can't wait to share more of our adventures with you.