Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sweet email reminder

I saw this email signature at work and thought it was too good not to share

" If you ever need help ask God, but if you don't need help thank God."

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

summer reading challenge

Mark worked on his drawing and enlarging skills for our poster

Over the summer our local Library and zoo are doing a dinosaur and dragon theme and I wanted to up the stakes by offering an additional challenge to the family. Our goal is to read 35 books collectively with our reward being a trip to the beach downtown. I despise going downtown if I can help it so its kind of a big deal. Between mission trips, VBS and the county fair our holiday is already filled so the kids will need to hustle if they would like to go before all of it has ended. Summer seems to be the shortest season here so it can easily get too cold for outdoor swimming by the last week of August.

We are already 3 books in going strong. Three more will be added by the end of this week by Koda, Beanie and Mark. I am glad to see my family with their noses in a book vs their phones or tablets. Baby steps!

Monday, May 8, 2017

a few setbacks but things are still getting done...

Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.
although I have been bed bound as of late again due to a cold and flare up  I have found massive time to craft and create. 

entering my work into the next wool fiber fair.

Koda's memorial tattoo for her uncle Glen. 

a successful year end awards ceremony for my Sparkie. Next year will be her last year as a Spark.

a successful surgery for Magnar getting fixed. I worried about complications so I am glad all went well. 

Giddy learning how to use the electric board with Daddy. 

antiques brought back from storage and back into our home. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Health update

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have updated regarding my health. Things have actually been improving now that I have worked closer with my homeopath. I will try to explain it the best I can however it does require a basic knowledge of homeopathy as a whole.
Homeopathy works on the premise of like cures like. For example someone with a bee sting or allergy may use honey to calm the reaction since they come from the same source. Someone who has seasonal flower allergies may use lavender oil to help soothe their itchy eyes and someone with food poisoning may take Arsenicum Album as if you ingested straight arsenic you would get the same gastro intestinal results.
For years I have taken tarantula for my PPD and mood swings however I had never tried the LM dosages and the max dose taken was a 1M (highest form that is readily available without contacting a pharmacy in pill form). We started on the 1 LM and have now progressed to LM2. As more discussions have gone on between us it has always caused confusion that I am not a true “spider” remedy. Spiders are known for being cold and emotionless and if you know anything about me I am quite opposite; with the exception being my PPD worst 4 years ago. I am bubbly and through these remedies have cried at things for the first time in 10+ years.
We kept circling and one day while I was going through my symptoms yet again my homeopath chimed in that she has another patient that has been treated for Lyme and my case sounds identical; flu symptoms, weakness etc. A tick is an arachnid just like a spider! Eight legs and all!
Anyone else seeing the connection?
I have gone and have been tested by my doctor with the very basic CDC test and it has popped negative. Our next steps are to try the Lyme nosode ( basically try to “give” me Lyme) to see if we can kick it. If it is not the right remedy nothing will happen but I am very hopeful. There is also a huge detox program involved with Lyme and I have begun that process already. Between the detox and being on level 2 of tarantula I could not have been feeling better. I am still having slight flares however it is nothing to what it was before. I have moved furniture all day and still been able to hike the following day. I have been able to walk the zoo without being in a wheelchair. I can come home from work and still do a lesson or 2 with the kids without collapsing. I can be intimate with my husband and not feel eeky and in pain.
I know I will never be 100% healed and will never be rid of this illness however my quality of life has improved greatly. My husband has his wife back and my kids have a mother that can actually do things. I have read books (finally finishing the Fellowship of the Ring which has been on my list for 13 years!), participated in 2 craft swaps, and worked overtime at work.
God is amazing in the things he has accomplished and the knowledge and wisdoms he has given Rebecca. I am so grateful for both and knowing I have my life back.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter week

Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.

A weekly painting date night with hubby. Although it is tedious and has some very tiny spots to paint it is fun to bond at home and has lead to some deeper conversation time.

dying Easter eggs with shaving cream and food coloring.

remembering the resurrection story with breakfast rolls.
celebrating our first Passover sedar with the kids from a Christian perspective. It was very enlightening to see the why of so much that we do due to the rich history from the Old Testament.

An Easter egg hunt provided by our wonderful congregation at church for the community. Over 67,000 eggs were packed by members, including our children, and its amazing that 7000+ people can fit in such a tight space.

The last 3 weeks have been great health wise as I have accomplished more with my family and kids without crashing due to my new treatment plan. The current 2 days have been rough with setbacks but hopeful due to finally seeing progress.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Farm swap

I apologize for the lack of updates. I have found Instagram as of late and found it so much more user friendly as Blogger no longer has a phone app for updates. Lately I have been working through this farm swap blanket which has been sucking every moment dry between work. I plan on gifting the final product to the littles for Christmas and another for Nico their stepbrother. My swap box was shipped off yesterday and I am now plugging away at tulip fields. 18 farm animals were cut out as well yesterday on the scroll saw. I am so excited for how this project will turn out once completed. Here are a few snippets on our farm:


This is what swap crafting truly looks like....

What are you crafting lately? Have you started any of your Christmas gifts yet?

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Monday, March 13, 2017

No more sickies!!!

 Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.
A first place trophy at our church's annual turtle race for the fastest decorated turtle. This is huge as she was not going to compete until last minute since she "sucked" the year before...

Some one on one play time with the boy... Eating and destroying things...

A 2nd place win for our Sparky team at Sparksarama

My trove of goodies from the Spring Equinox swap. 2 of my top choices ( the bunny and birds) however the root baby has grown on me so... Even the itty bitty lady bug on top!

 A Hobbit themed play blanket complete with castle, lake and Shire...


 Nanner's dog Rondo suffered a back injury and unfortunately was paralyzed from the waist back for a few days. We were very worried about needing to put him down however after several days of anti inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers has now allowed him to walk with his paws right side up again and not fall over nearly as much. If I could only keep him off the couch and stairs would help! 

the plague finally passing throughout our house. We have suffered a bug being passed around for 3 weeks and finally took Ryguy to the doctor as he was the worst off and couldn't shake that high fever. Oddly enough it was strep ( he had NEVER complained of a sore throat) however none of us have tested positive as of yet. Some of the family was put on preventative antibiotics as they were sharing drinks and food and Randy since he can't get strep due to his auto immune issues. My boys are now running around again and much less snotty so I am very happy.

I have started on some more crafting in future posts and am feeling back closer to myself since starting a round of steroids for this week long migraine and am back on my tarantula. Progress for sure.

I would ask for prayers however for Nico's family ( the stepkids other brother) as his father died a few weeks back. He stayed with us a week and had the funeral this weekend which was a bit emotional I'm sure. Traveling during snow storms are not helping as well as they are now finally coming to Illinois. Safe travels and peace of mind are deeply needed.

What are you grateful for as of late?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

KCCO- Spring equinox swap and a sweater for me

 I apologize for being away. Between drowning at work, a sick family and Randy getting into a motorcycle accident I have not had time for creating and crafting. I have missed it terribly and forced some last night which made my heart sing. The Hobbit movies and soundtracks have been on to remind me of a childhood comforting story, something I hope to ingrain in my children on how those stories create such solid memories, or nightmares ( I was always terrified of those dang spiders!).

I signed up a few weeks ago to participate in a spring equinox swap for some new decor as it use to bring me joy and found it hard to get enough approvals. We finally decided on raindrops and clouds as nothing says spring to me more being in Illinois.

I have also finally located my missing yarn bag from New Years that had my Wisteria cardigan. As much as I hate using acrylic as of lately I chose Caron Simply Soft as I was too scared to use something nice and expensive for my first "official" clothing endeavor. 

Friday, January 13, 2017


Every year i see the challenge of one word for the new year. Every year it seems a good idea however I never decide on one and it falls to the wayside as I can never apply it to all aspects of my life. This year however I prayed about it and kept coming back to the word intentional.

to be intentional with simple pleasures and increase baking with my littles....

to be intentional with my dog training since the little butt-head brings me so much joy...

to be more intentional with my yoga practice. I have invested in the perfect body yoga program and my goal is to complete the 8 week program twice this year....
to be more intentional with my prayers....
 To pray daily as it has been something that has slipped over the years. I can not expect my kids to have a close relationship with the Lord if I don't. 

to be more intentional in observing nature....
 I am learning to paint birds and the traits between them and it made me happy to have Ryguy put together a plush toy of a cardinal and find him in the book after we located him outside.

Are there any of you that focus on a word for a year? What was your choice for 2017?