Saturday, April 26, 2014

Getting closer to the end- Highschool

As the school year draws to a close I am noticing more and more of my "flaws" for the year. Between feeling rushed and that I have not completed everything I have to stop and remember often that there is always next year and they can and probably will learn it eventually.

I have prepared Koda's transcript and got a nice dose of what we did accomplish in the last 2 years. Between moving several times, bad PPD and adjusting to new jobs we have a nice long list of what we did get done. It was a great indicator of success. She has impressed me with her knowledge of what she has even picked up on without a formal "class" and we are adding it to her transcript as well. Human reproduction ( her knowing 80% of what there is to know about home birth and why positioning is important and why water birth can be more successful than land birth) and Child development with a focus on special needs as she has been highly instrumental on assisting with Nanner's OT and continuing it with preschool. Not everything has to be learned from a text book but when you overhear your kid explaining SPD using propper terms to her grandparents and WHY it is important; you know you are doing something right.

Working has also been a big change for her as she joined me in the local park district.I have gotten nothing but compliments on how hard of a worker she is and that means a lot.

And a picture of the youngest just for good measure.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fiar- Peter Rabbit

We are officially a FIAR ( Five in a Row) family. I had been on the fence about it for Nanners and Ryguy as our family has some specific and unique needs. Between being adaptable for both of their short attention span, enjoying quality books and reading and nothing overly complicated prep wise FIAR seemed the way to go. Pinterest has been the gold mine of resources with activities I can have pulled up and printed and all ready to go if Daddy needs to do these with them.  Basically in this curriculum you read the same book 5 or more days in a row and each day focus on a different aspect or activity. Our first week we "rowed" Peter Rabbit which Nanners has wonderfully renamed Mr. McGreggor's Garden.
We drew some bunnies which were great practice at following directions and she crossed her midline wonderfully and only used one hand.
Our little helper as we cut up a seed catalog and found what foods Mr. McGreggor grew.  
Next week we are working on Madeline.