Wednesday, February 22, 2017

KCCO- Spring equinox swap and a sweater for me

 I apologize for being away. Between drowning at work, a sick family and Randy getting into a motorcycle accident I have not had time for creating and crafting. I have missed it terribly and forced some last night which made my heart sing. The Hobbit movies and soundtracks have been on to remind me of a childhood comforting story, something I hope to ingrain in my children on how those stories create such solid memories, or nightmares ( I was always terrified of those dang spiders!).

I signed up a few weeks ago to participate in a spring equinox swap for some new decor as it use to bring me joy and found it hard to get enough approvals. We finally decided on raindrops and clouds as nothing says spring to me more being in Illinois.

I have also finally located my missing yarn bag from New Years that had my Wisteria cardigan. As much as I hate using acrylic as of lately I chose Caron Simply Soft as I was too scared to use something nice and expensive for my first "official" clothing endeavor.