Friday, December 30, 2011

well its been awhile

I keep meaning to post and have written several things out... And they are all still stuck on my sticky note program on my laptop. As another year ends to a close though I figured it was time for a recap of what happened the month I was gone. (It hasnt been good by the way, better now but not then)

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving with turkey and the usual. My dad came over with my brother and we stuffed our faces as always.

But then....
It started with Nanners. She had bled occasionally when she went potty (number 2 mind you). We chalked it up to hemorrhoids and just kept an eye on her. Never a lot but just enough to notice. Well one day  it looked like my baby girl had started her period. I knew at 2 I should not be having those problems with her. She was never in pain but off to the doctor we went. Well to make a long story short after lots of blood draws and a colonoscopy it came back with a polyp the size of a quarter. It had blocked her entire colon and was the reason for all the blood. There is a possibility it will return so we will just have to keep an eye on her. It was the largest the specialist had ever seen and she was a trooper through it all!
**The day of her Meckles scan, xray and blood work**

Then Randy about a week later started throwing up blood. Yay! (sarcasm I promise you) and after a night stay in Rockford's hospital it came back it was acid reflux from hell and just destroying everything on its way up when he burped. Now he is on some acid reducers but most likely they will scope him to see how much damage has been done.He cant have pop anymore and we have to monitor his diet and stress level as both aggravate it like crazy.

Both are home now and doing quite well. Christmas went well. The kids big presents were Ereaders (our nockoff kindles), a prepaid phone and a small mp3 player. Nanners got a homemade light table and baby buggy which has made its way to trash her entire room daily.

Look Mama! I got pretty beads!
Randy's Christmas Present. Our new family member. His name is Otis.

We didnt do much "school" this month due to all of the crazyness. Nanners had her sensory box as always and has worked on several practical life lessons like pouring goldfish and juicing an orange.

We had gotten a learning tower at salvation army earlier this month. It has been utilized at least 4 times a weeks. Best $4 I had spent.

Plus a random picture of myself and my little girl just because I want one. She did so great through all of the garbage we were forced to put her through so I am very proud of her.