Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yarn doll

Many times I am commissioned to crochet projects for a family friend.
I got a message from our friend and she asked  "Can you make this for me?"

I of course had no idea what it was. After some looking on the internet I have become knowledgeable about Enderman. He is a character from the Minecraft video game. He is a bad guy and destroys things.

 I looked for patterns around the internet and did not like any of them. Most of them had square bodies and round arms. In a pixelated world round arms don't work well.  I did sit and create my own pattern for him via the photos on Google and unfortunately it took  much longer than I anticipated
due to my arthritis.

Yay for Enderman!


  1. I wouldn't have known what Enderman is, either, but I think you made a remarkable likeness.

  2. Thanks! it was so tricky since she called it a creeper but that's not the name for it either! I love a good challenge though.