Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our school room

Most of our schooling is done at the dining room table or the living room floor. I try to convince the girls to stay OUT of their bedrooms as more often then not I find Koda asleep on her bed with her nose stuck in her book.

We work mostly with a modified "workbox" method. All of our stuff is in milk crates and are color coded. Koda is red, Kirky is purple and Nani is yellow.

We have a large flannel board with our calender cards on it that we got from Counting Coconuts. Our favorite seems to be the Disney characters and Nani promptly tells everyone how she is just like each of the princesses.

The newest addition to our " room " was this art inspired by Busted Button . She is pretty much my favorite crafty lady right now. I turned our tree into a ABC tree complete with scrapbook stickers and BUTTONS.

one of my new favorites
Also we have our companions at "school" time of our piggies:
Marshmallow and Carmel

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