Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have found a newfound love of the Waldorf swaps. Basically in a nutshell a bunch of moms pick a theme, do some major crafting and then swap and share! This months theme was "Play Kitchen" so I was very excited seeing I just finished making the kids their own bigger kitchen out of a repurposed coffee table. I hope it isn't just me but I get frustrated when I look at some of the toy kitchens and it seems only 1-2 children can fit over there at a time. With 7 total its just not an option so the coffee table was a much better fit.

 My contribution for the swap is sushi so I journaled a bit for inspiration.  

and then Beanie and Koda helped paint all the pieces I had cut out from my new scroll saw I received from my dad for my birthday.
Aren't they sweet?!