Thursday, May 19, 2016

Outer Space

In honor of astronomy day we decided to take a break from our normal homeschooling routine and do a group unit study. We have done them in the past however for some reason the olders seemed to struggle with it. With no math lessons or computer work they decided that it wasn't "real" school and to slack and no participate without complaining. It proves that even though they may be 12,14 and 16 that routine is still crucial to survival.

My littles however thought it was awesomeness in a box. Literally. See the box?

 Sensory boxes are primarily a Montessori thing however I had forgotten how much I enjoy putting them together and the littles playing with them.

We had gemstones for planets, a large crochet sun, some black gravel for space and rainbow star beads. Super Sam, Toby and Hobart had to go on an adventure and Nanners had to tell Randy their story and draw what they did.

Super Sam and Toby on the moon.

I spent some of my inner work time painting these cards to go along with the unit. Without being their physically I often feel like I miss out on participating with them. I see how Nanners matched mine for her drawing so even without me there I am creating an impression.

We did plan if we had the whole family to go to a telescope viewing on Saturday however with the olders gone and crummy weather that we stayed home. Maybe next year.

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