Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dads holding the space

Our family is a little untraditional. Besides being blended of yours, mine and ours, Randy is the one to stay home with the kids. for a while I honestly felt some resentment that he spent so much time at home with them but so little involvement seemed to occur.

"Well what did the kids do for homework today?"

"I don't know...."

"Did you take the kids out as I left the passes for the museums, zoos etc."


"Oh my gosh it is soooo freaking beautiful outside. You should soak it up like we used to and take the kids to the forest or the park"

"eh, I'll think about it..."

AHHHH... You feel my frustration right? I live in a cubicle and felt like I missed so much of my kids lives by working and Randy seemed to just let it pass by. Since our blowup he has noticed that he needs to be involved, hold the space and be present. He used to complain that the kids ran amok often and drove him nuts by nonstop screaming and fighting. Homework was never finished and dinner was barely done by 7 pm.

Since deciding to take the plunge, I can say for the last several weeks that homework has been done consistently by 1 pm and dinner by 5-5:30. The kids now have a designated time for cleaning, helping each other and my house looks considerably better. They say it takes 4-6 weeks for a habit to start and I can say we have a much better rhythm and flow to our home. Randy has even surprised me:
"I hate now when I don't have homework and lunch done by 1. I feel its spinning out of control."

Music to my ears.

I am unsure of how long this will last but am grateful for the drive that my husband has given to help our homeschool.

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