Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A weekend getaway

Last year Randy and I took our first weekend getaway and decided we should try to push for it once a year. It never has to be extravagant however just a break from most of the kids. Giddy comes with as he is still nursing but it is much easier to wrangle 1 kiddo than all 7.

 We took a trip up to the Mississipi Palasades in NW Illinois. It was a bit more walking than we were expecting as both of us are past the days of crazy excursions. It was around 90 degrees and the humidity was through the roof. Randy can't breathe well with those conditions and I ended with a migraine. We also ended up with a battle wound after Giddy ran into a metal picnic table.
 The views were spectacular however the trek to get to the top was sometimes barely worth it for me personally. The Mississippi River is wide and I was happy I could say I dipped my toes in the water.

 My favorite part of the camping trip was the butterflies had decided that our camp was their new home. They invaded our tent and landed on us. Giddy obtained his battle wound after he freaked out when one landed on his leg.

Randy and I have decided to not ever take the kids to this state park as you are unable to adventure on your own paths as the entire park is nonstop drop offs and cliffs.  There are also little to no flowers at this park so I was highly disappointed I could not take more photos.

We are hoping for another camping trip in our future when the weather is more cooperative.

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