Tuesday, June 2, 2015

KCCO: a birthday gift

 My littles have a birthday party coming up for a friend. This friend is the only one that does birthday parties so our kids are always excited. The family is a bit more mainstream than us so we are the oddballs that give handmade gifts. This is going to be a troll/ogre house when completed. I'm still unsure if I will stuff the roof to give it more shape or leave it flopping depending on time constraints. We will be painting a peg guy or 2 to go along with it.

Since we can't have only one project at once I am practicing me knit and purl stiches for washcloths with some cheapo rainbow cotton from Walmart.

What's on your hooks/needles today? 


  1. that troll house is the CUTEST!! :)

  2. The troll house is great and I quite like your cheap yarn!!