Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving thanks

Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.

...a certain Giddy boy falling asleep on his own with no rocking, nursing or nonstop singing... bittersweet.

...a best friend coming to visit and spending most of the time entertaining my littles so I could make a necessary phone call for a new doctor.  No hesitation for doing Nanners hair or making Christmas Crack with them.

...the old lady still being with us for another holiday. She experienced another stroke recently so we are blessed she is still alive

...a successful discharge from my IOP program.

...beginning work again although I'm still not asleep as of yet, and should be, I am super excited. 
.....I am very happy I work for such an understanding company regarding my leave and people were squealing to see me back in the office. 

... finding a brand new homeopath and getting off the mood stabilizers with no bad effects. The RXs gave me nothing but issues but I feel this new homeopath might have some great insight to help me. 

... for a devoted husband. I know I often don't say it enough but he has stood by my side through everything.  He has put up with borderline verbal abuse and mood swings from hell. I know I have not been the easiest to deal with and I am grateful that he has put up with  my crap and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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  1. loved your list of thankfulness, and I hope you continue to feel better!! your son is lovely and so are you! :)