Thursday, April 16, 2015

A revelation....

After having some difficult interactions at work, church and some homeschool groups I have finally made a revelation....

 The actions and opinions of one person or a small group of people does not accurately represent the actions or opinions of an entire group or organization. 

Let that sink in.....

So the one judgmental mom complaining to my husband about feeding our kids McDonalds at Co-op is not how the entire Coop feels? Sometimes our Co-op chairs like a Big Mac too?! 

So the small group leader who states I should breastfeed without a cover as it is too tempting for the men within the group may not be how the entire church feels about breastfeeding?

So the one manager at work doesn't seem to appreciate the little people however our team leader may adore my work and think I'm awesome?

I needed this reminder as there are plenty of people in this world that love my family and want us to succeed.

Why our church reached out and helped us for Christmas without even making us feel like a charity case.

Why co-workers ask about my children and are happy when things are going great.

Why my online crunchy community posts and promotes nurse-ins and works on reducing shame and stigma in breastfeeding.

Although it is very hard to forget the negativity that the few people give to you, a lesson we all need to remember is to look past it and remember the people that love you and cling to them.

***Love and Light***

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