Thursday, June 5, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes

" Mama, can you do my hair today?" came from a little voice over the weekend.

" Well depends on what you are wanting. I can try" ( she has been known to ask for ornate crazy things for hair that is super long and impossible with her little bob)

" Mama, I want you to do my hair like black people"

............. * kids and husband chuckling in the background*

" Well what do you mean honey?"

" Like a little BLACK GIRL MAMA!" as she hands me her hands overflowing with colorful barrettes and half of them stuck in her hair as is. 

After over a half hour searching Mr. Google. we finally figured out together that she really only wanted rainbow beads and or hair clips in her hair. It is amazing to me how children do not think negatively about other races and embraces it and wants to share a similarity, like rainbow hair. It was a very proud mama moment for me as our families come from some prejudice backgrounds and to have my daughter want to look like that encourages me that I'm doing something right with her. So sure enough we are going to have "black people hair". 

After 3 attempts we only were able to get her hair braided but she seems quite happy with the results. 

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