Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on Nanners

UPDATE: The lady just came and went. The person I talked to on the phone didn't mention ANY of the sensory issues to the paperwork lady. After talking to us she decided that it may be a good idea to bring an Occupational Therapist in as well.

We will be meeting with a Behavioral Therapist  and an Occupational Therapist sometime within a few weeks and will have a total meeting with everyone on the 11th. I am so relieved they didn't say we were crazy, shitty parents or were making stuff up.

She was very impressed on how we had handled her sensory issues so far and how great her speech was. She could also see though her rough housing like crazy and her defiance all within the hour without a meltdown. I will be so happy when we get some suggestions on how to deal with her.

They did already say though that as soon as she turns 3 in September she will need to be transferred services. We will have to see how things are going at that point as we aren't putting her in the public school so it puts us in a weird situation. In IL we are still entitled services but you have to be careful how the school district is and make sure they arent pushy in a bad way.

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