Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday- My Hubby

I thought this week's thankful Thursday would be appropriate for 2 reasons. Two days ago we celebrated our 1 year of marriage. One whole year of not killing each other while going through some major life changes (3 new jobs total, moving twice and custody battles to start). Life here has been pretty rough but I do have to say
I have a pretty awesome husband. The other reason it was great is Farmers is sending me to Michigan. For a week. And I have 5 kids...

Talk about a moms nightmare.

Most moms that is...

I have a great hubby. He is the Mr. Mom of our home. I come home and a full real dinner is made. Homework is done, showers are taken and there are still 5 kids. Not beaten or anything.

Yes, I have my fears about leaving home but its not for the fact that he can not take care of it. Its mostly because I have never been away from all of them that long. Ever. Especially my baby girl, Nalani.

At this point it all comes back to me. Can I trust my husband to take care of this home? Can I trust God to guide his choices? I am a massive control freak and I struggle with this quite often. However I know I need to put my faith in God and let him show me all that my Hubby can do. I know God gave me this awesome husband for a reason and that he can do ANYTHING he sets his mind to. Even remember to take the kids to AWANA on Wednesday.

Thank you God for sending me Randy and showing me I don't have to do everything alone on this earth.

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