Sunday, August 7, 2011

outer space and started the farm

 So this past week we have been working on outer space with the older ones and have been doing the farm with Nanners. Nanner's preschool is strictly all unit studies and has the farm for the next 2 months. She loves all of those animals so I think it will go well. We made a mobile of different farm animals and she has a sensory box that she LOVES.
Beanie and Nanners playing in the bin. They were sorting the beans by color and size.
 Close up of the bin before they started digging and destroying!
 We had corn, kidney beans, black beans, and red beans mixed in.
 We also put in dry grass, yarn "hay" and cookie cutters, plastic ducks and horses.

Our outer space we have been studying the sun and we did an activity to see how far the planets were from each other. We used yarn, beads and a simple ratio and had a beautiful project hanging in our kitchen.

 We also made up mnemonics to help us remember the order of the planets. The kids had a real creative time thinking of words that made sense together.
This week we will be doing the moon, zodiac.

Here is also just a group picture taken when we went to the Murpheys going away party.

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