Monday, June 15, 2015

Gratefulness... A few weeks recap

Some time to reflect on the last few weeks ( since it has been that long) and share some things that have made me grateful.

... rain. As painful as it is for me, I don't have to carry around the watering can for my garden and it's soaking up all the goodness.

...a successful graduation party.

... a trip to Iowa with my husband to go see the National Motorcycle museum. Made for a happy husband.

... a hotel with a hot tub in the room. It was totally worth the extra money.

... a safe car ride.

... a friend finally getting her black belt.

... finding a homeopathic doctor willing to see me.

... kids enjoying 6 flags.

... Koda meeting her German buddy Anton.

... new haircuts for hubby and Marshall.

...seeing that our local strawberry patch is now open for picking.

photo is from last years picking

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