Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A birthday sweater

I have made an effort this year to have each of my kids get a handmade piece of clothing for their birthday. Nanners got a dress that I ended up buying from Etsy that she loves that included a matching dress for her doll. I did start this sweater for Giddy however it seems HUGE even with the hook adjustment for gauge. I am thinking of just making this for Ryguy and making a new one for Giddy's birthday in 2 weeks. I am using this pattern for the sweaters. It is written kind of confusing for assembly however the individual pieces work up very quickly due to the thickness of the yarn and hook size. I am super excited to see the boys together in their sweaters. Now to pick out buttons!


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The runaway bunny

Recently we read the book The Runaway Bunny by Margret Wise Brown. I love the simple illustrations and simple sweet story. We spent some time climbing our treehouse and painting outside. I planned to make some cards with the water color paintings we did but they had to be saved for another day. I am not sure what we will do for them yet. Maybe make some star decorations for our Michaelmas festival coming up.


We talked about how yellow can be different shades including the flowers we found by our yard. 

The big piece of recycled counter-top works great for painting. It is large enough for several sheets of paper, heavy enough so it doesn't bend and is easily cleaned. It was garbage picked so the price was perfect!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yarn doll

Many times I am commissioned to crochet projects for a family friend.
I got a message from our friend and she asked  "Can you make this for me?"

I of course had no idea what it was. After some looking on the internet I have become knowledgeable about Enderman. He is a character from the Minecraft video game. He is a bad guy and destroys things.

 I looked for patterns around the internet and did not like any of them. Most of them had square bodies and round arms. In a pixelated world round arms don't work well.  I did sit and create my own pattern for him via the photos on Google and unfortunately it took  much longer than I anticipated
due to my arthritis.

Yay for Enderman!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy birthday Nanners

Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.

Magnar got it! We have been working on this skill for a long time now and never could get it on his paws due to him being so squirmy. It made me very excited. 

Nanners just turned 6. She got her hair cut and straightened since her biggest wish is to be like her big sisters.

...hanging up the old swing again and Giddy loving it. He is picky on his vestibular movement so made me very happy. 

... Randy realizing he needs to work on his weight and diet and it giving him the motivation to go back to healthier eating.

...dog sitting Red, Randy's old dog, and giving him a much needed brushing, bath and nail trim.

...Some fun hair chalking. Ryguy enjoyed blue streaks and Nanners green hair.

On a more serious note. Although we do not get along often I am feeling for Jenny, Randy's ex and mother to the kids. Her sister, Luanne committed suicide during the week. I am asking for prayers of safety and comfort for the kids and their mother and family as they travel down to help clean out her home and spend time with her husband and 2 daughters.

Friday, September 4, 2015

rhythm and routine

Rhythm is an important part of Waldorf education and homemaking. Our family has seen the significance of it time and time again, especially with Nanners. It creates a happy home that is predictable and comforting. You never have to be a slave to your rhythm but use it as a tool to maintain peace and sanity to your home.

Taken by Koda

Our rhythms are based highly around sleep and food. My littles ( Nanners, Ryguy and Gid) are the main ones that benefit from our rhythm and those are the key points in our day. We use to hear Nanners ask nonstop " When can I eat?" With her sensory disorder she lacks the sensation to feel full. More often than not she would eat out of boredom or stuff her face until she vomited and then ask for more. True story as gross as it is. With using rhythm on our side she knows when to expect it. She still does ask occasionally for snacks but it is far less often and she has less anxiety regarding food.

taken by Koda

Bedtime however still is a slight battle even though the kids know its coming and anticipate it. Ryguy especially hates bedtime as he knows the older kids get to stay up later and he doesn't want to miss out on the fun. He also has a difficult time settling.  We have found the best way to help him is to have someone lay with him until he falls asleep which normally doesn't take more than a half hour. He can sometimes fall asleep on his own but it takes much longer. We would prefer him drift off peacefully so we oblige and just enjoy the cuddles. They are only little for so long.

So without any further ado here is a copy of our daily rhythm. It does look very different than most but it works for now with our family.

Breakfast ( Either done by mommy or Koda)
feed/water animals
lunch ( around 12-1:30)
quiet time or nap
play or story and craft with Daddy
play - Mommy comes home
Circle time with Mommy or  Church on Monday nights

Taken by Koda

 Sometimes I feel we cling to it too much and are inflexible as even a fun trip to the zoo or a museum can cause major over stimulation and crabby and irritable children. However its ok. They will grow and enjoy it when their bodies and brains can keep up. You do not need to fill your schedule with activities and keep them "busy" all of the time. A healthy child knows how to play and just BE.

Be present
Be mindful
Have rhythm

What is the hardest part you feel to having a good rhythm? What stops you from fully implementing it in your home?