Thursday, May 14, 2015

Learning to knit

 As you may start to notice a keyboard, pens and notebooks are normally in the background of most of my crafting photos. I spend a good amount of time crafting at work as I work in a call center so there is some down time in between calls. I am not slacking I promise and crafting is AWESOME stress relief  from the yelling and crabby people I speak to daily. I have had a few coworkers ask me to teach them to crochet so there will be more of that on another day as I am teaching macho men to create crochets bunnies and scarfs.

Well during some free time I was checking out Wee Folk Art which is one of my favorite blogs to visit. If you have never been... You need to. Tons of crafty fun goodness.

For the last 3 years I have wanted to learn how to knit. I would sit down with directions from here and get a good cast on and end up with a knotted mess. Several swears later it would be in a ball and I would pick up my crochet hook for something more comforting. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't figure out: In, Around, Under, Off. Until now.

I figured I would Youtube it as Google and Youtube can teach you how to do ANYTHING. Ask my husband. He has learned how to fix nursemaids elbow, completely rebuild computers with motherboards and hard drives and rewire our vans.  The internet is wonderful, but back to knitting.

So I ended up here which had a wonderful step by step video. I finally figured out it was the wrong prepositions for me to understand it. For myself I have to go: In, Under, Around ( wrap) and (push) off. The story I tell myself in my head is quite a morbid one pushing someone off a cliff but whatever works right?

The final result. 
It is not straight or even but it is beautiful as it is the furthest I have ever gotten before.  I am very proud of myself and am looking forward to making my first scarf. Knit on!


  1. Excellent! You are a knitter! The secret is not to give up, but keep knitting...a little bit every day(one row even) if possible.
    I had to are absolutely tube is the new teacher.

  2. How nice that you can knit between crabby customers. :^)

    Be proud and pleased that you are persevering. You may just encourage me to try knitting again. I need to check out the video.

  3. Congratulations! YouTube is a wonder for knitting. I have been knitting for some time, but still use Youtube regularly to look up a new stitch, bind off etc.

  4. Looks like a great start to me. I started teaching myself last fall and find the videos from New Stitch A Day to be helpful. Carry on! :)

  5. Great job!!! Keep practicing! You will just continue to get better! I taught myself to knit years ago and love it! :)