Sunday, December 11, 2016

back to work

Some time to reflect on the last week and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.

two weeks back to work and surviving...

an oral surgeon appointment....

whipping up some slipper socks the night before pajama day at work...
a morning painting alone, for a bit at least until joined by a little boy in footie pajamas...
 having a husband come rescue me due to a flat tire. Being the first real cold day my body was too weak to barely drag the new tire out of the trunk.

 a new scarf for my birthday.
 providing gifts for our church's toy drive. We were recipients one year and I vowed to try to give back even just a little bit each year.

my boss' faith in my as an employee. I now have 2 managers and they have agreed that I should master yet another job that is not my own. It is extremely stressful and overwhelming however I am trying to keep it positive by remembering that it is because they trust my judgement and feel I can handle it.

as it gets closer to Christmas we were told our company is going to close down fully for 2 3 day weekends in a row. This is unheard of for our company in the 15 years we have been in business. So blessed to be able to enjoy the time off and be paid for it.

What are you thankful for lately?