Wednesday, January 13, 2016

You look tired....

I get it.

You are trying to engage in small talk and be sympathetic. You see my wrangling my overactive toddler while reminding my preschooler to use walking feet in the hallway. You see me at work punching in for yet another day of mandatory overtime with my hands shaking.

"You look so tired."

........yeah I know.

However what you don't know is I just popped about 4 RX pain pills in order to even make it to the building. I am wearing my brace not to just support my wrists but to get a better grip on my child so I don't drop him. I have 4 layers of clothing on to try to regulate my body temperature as cold makes everything worse. I pulled yet another muscle in my back so raising my hands above my head is out of the question and of course I'm trying to play keep away from the baby.

"You look tired" has become an insult to me. It is a nicer, polite way to say " you look exhausted and are about to collapse and I don't even understand how you are functioning and here"

To be honest, I don't know how I'm here some days either....

So please, enjoy my company. Talk to me and say "I'm happy to see you and I'm glad you came." Talk to me about anything else. I'll pull through as always and it just might convince me to fight again to come back.

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