Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Homemade Orange Chicken

With going gluten free for myself we often have to rethink dinner options as I hate having to make Randy be a short order cook and make different meals for everyone. When I cook for the entire family I am required to do 2 things: make sure its gluten free and according to Randy " it cannot taste like crap, birdseed or dirt."

...well thanks honey... no pressure right?

Here is the recipe to share and so I can remember how to make it again since I loved it so much. It reminded me a lot of Big Bowl's orange chicken and was much cheaper.

Ryguy also was my helper in cooking since he was having a rough night with several temper tantrums so I brought him close to me and his attitude changed greatly. Its amazing what responsibility and pride will do for an attitude.

San-J Gluten Free Asian Glaze & Stir-Fry Orange Sauce -- 10 fl oz approx. half a bottle
2 large boneless chicken breasts
1 green pepper
dried onion
garlic powder
white rice
veggie for side

-Start preparing rice normally, we make 2 cups dried/ 4 cups water normally.

-Dice chicken and chop pepper.

-Throw chicken and peppers in a separate pan and let your 2 year old pour in half of the bottle of sauce. It will thicken up and reduce so you can put a bit more for sure.

-Sprinkle garlic powder and dried onion all over the pan.  I could have used fresh onion and garlic but time is important to me.

-Mix occasionally until cooked through.

- Have Ryguy microwave corn.

 Place a large scoop of rice, chicken and corn on plate and serve. You can use more of the sauce as a dipping sauce however we found it to taste of alcohol too strongly without being cooked. Randy and I normally are not big drinkers so it caught us off guard for sure.

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