Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fiar- Peter Rabbit

We are officially a FIAR ( Five in a Row) family. I had been on the fence about it for Nanners and Ryguy as our family has some specific and unique needs. Between being adaptable for both of their short attention span, enjoying quality books and reading and nothing overly complicated prep wise FIAR seemed the way to go. Pinterest has been the gold mine of resources with activities I can have pulled up and printed and all ready to go if Daddy needs to do these with them.  Basically in this curriculum you read the same book 5 or more days in a row and each day focus on a different aspect or activity. Our first week we "rowed" Peter Rabbit which Nanners has wonderfully renamed Mr. McGreggor's Garden.
We drew some bunnies which were great practice at following directions and she crossed her midline wonderfully and only used one hand.
Our little helper as we cut up a seed catalog and found what foods Mr. McGreggor grew.  
Next week we are working on Madeline.

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