Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My first MCAL {KCCO}

I have taken the plunge and decided to try a new mystery crochet a long{MCAL}. This event is a shorter one, thank goodness for summer called Veronica meets spring. I will be sharing some photos along the way. This is a one size fits all accessory full of color and texture. I am hoping if it turns out well that the girls may all get one to wear to be "matchy-matchy" but in different color combos.

 My gauge is already HUGE even with going down a hook size but since it is a 1 size fits all  I am hoping it will be ok.

Feel free to join us as there is a knit and crochet version and hundreds of us participating all over the world!


  1. Ooh exciting - do you have any idea of what it will be?

    1. We were only told it will be a 1 size fits accessory. I know it has bobbles and flowers but that's about all!