Monday, May 23, 2016

sureal {picture heavy}

Some time to reflect on the last few weeks and share some things that have made me grateful.
 No time to be depressed when you are happy for what you have.

... the feeling when all 3 of your boys must touch you while they sleep. We have had a trying and emotional few days and to know they view me as their rock and stability even in their dreams is priceless. occasionally makes up for the sleeplessness and foot in my back.
...knowing all my kids are home and safe. Nanners got seperated from us at our local state park. This park is over 300,000 acres and huge so we had the scare of our lives when she was missing 45 minutes. We are blessed a hiker found her following another group and brought her to the state and ranger police we had called in. She was near the trails the officer and Randy walked 3 times over but managed to keep missing each other.

...watching your husband talk with the boy about running and standing water.
...seeing flowers and discovering deer trails in our walk in the park.
...a new promotion and raise.
... Koda's sweater finally done.

...Giddy's new haircut. He looks like a big boy.
...processed asparagus the first time.
...a new to me car.

I am sorry that this is very photo heavy. We have had such an emotional,crazy week and I am very grateful to have documented all of it. 

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. i love photo heavy posts! getting separated for 45 minutes must have been so stressful! glad you are together now.