Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A trip out

Since my health started getting worse after Gid was born we don't take many trips out anymore. It wears me out physically and emotionally as it can be rough wrangling so many kids in and out of car seats, missing naps and delayed lunch.... well you get the idea. It often is not worth the struggle and the result of me being down for a day or so afterwards.

We decided one day that since it was so nice out that we would try to go out to one of my favorite places, the zoo. We pulled out my grandmother's old wheelchair to try to save me energy and off we went. I will say that using the wheelchair as frustrating as it is, allowed us to stay longer and me not to feel like I would collapse by the end of the day. I did still take a nap afterwards but it did not feel as extreme as it has in trips past.

Although I am young it is a huge pride thing to have to use a mobility device. However sometimes you do crazy things to see smiles on your kid's faces again...

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  1. how fun to go out with the family and I'm glad you were able to stay longer than usual, that is huge!!