Monday, November 2, 2015

Thoughts about the Rhythm Roundup Boot Camp

As the month draws to a close we are finishing up our Rhythm Roundup Boot Camp with Waldorf Essentials. It has been a hectic month with ER visits, lost dog ( who was located and brought home yesterday morning- Thanks be to Jesus), sick children and 2 birthdays. We have also had job loss as well. This was a huge amount of stress and energy drawn from our family. The Rhythm Roundup was a great reminder to stay present, stay focused and grateful through all of the hard times right now. I participated in this class live and had biweekly check-ins with Melissa and other moms doing the course. It really kept me focused and motivated to finish. I did not keep the schedule all 4 weeks as was not able to but it was a refreshing view at how much time was wasted and where we needed to cut back.

This course also opened some doors of conversation between Randy and I as I read Steiner's Kingdom of Childhood ( here is a link to free PDF). We spoke a lot about age appropriateness and different ways to teach math. It was really an opener for both of us as to WHY Steiner advocates for whole to parts teaching.

As a whole I am recommending this class. It is an affordable kick in the rear to jumpstart your family and give you the tools to transform it to where you want it to be.

And.....a super grainy photo however this was how excited Giddy was when Shemp came home! Warms my heart 

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