Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Monday?

So... I'm a bit late on the holiday posting but I'm ok with saying happy Easter Monday!

I have had the last week off due to some medical issues. Between some extreme fatigue and pain I have lived more in bed and at the doctor's office than I had my entire 3 pregnancies combined. This has really put me back unfortunately and discouraged me as I feel I am at a disservice to my family at the moment. Luckily Randy has stepped up and been great and supportive. Koda has upped her game as well as well as working more hours which I am so grateful for. I was unable to do some of our regular Easter activities like Resurrection rolls and dying eggs. I had to take a step back and pick between keeping calm, sane and pleasant vs doing the activities. Colored eggs don't have to be just for Easter and we can celebrate Jesus' resurrection every day. I had to promise myself it would be ok as it will. It will always be ok as my children care about my attitude for activities more than the activities themselves.
 Here are a few photos from our holiday weekend.

Nanners bunny she drew/copied from her chocolate rabbit. I was quite impressed as she is only 5. 

This was my first ever holiday ham decked out in extra cherries that I made cooking from my barstool in the kitchen.


My 2 boys behaved so well at church last night in the nursery with me even when I was not feeling well. I appreciate every time they try to make my life a little bit easier.

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