Saturday, July 20, 2013

I havn't disappeared

So there is a few reasons why I havnt been blogging more. Plenty has been going on I just haven't documented it because:
  • Ding dong me forgot my password
  • I have been stretched a bit thin 
  • We moved (yet again)
  • Started a new job ( yet again) 
  • Have I mentioned I'm a bit thin?

Everyone has been doing well. Little baby boy isn't so little as he crawls around the house and destroys everything. Nanners decided that she wants to be called "Nani" now and has been doing great through therapy with the move. We were homeschooling Koda originally but now Kirky has joined us again full time. She will be starting up in the fall after Labor day. Koda is still doing summer homework as we took several needed breaks throughout the year so we are a bit behind. But I'm ok with that. It is one of the many perks of homeschooling.

I am hoping to get a 10 post series on why homeschooling works for our family. In the meantime enjoy a few pictures of the minions to keep you going.

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