Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful thursday- Bubble Mountain

Nanners has gotten more dependent with her oral fixations. Everything goes in the mouth. Stuffed animals, toys, shirts, dress straps, you name it it has been in her mouth. This of course drives me nuts. However I stop and think its just her SPD and her calming herself. Id rather have a calm child chewing than a crazy child. One way to curb it is to have them using straws consistently. She loves them so that was an easy one. However I wanted to see if she could handle blowing vs sucking. Its different muscles that need to be focused.

We had to clarify that we blow and not suck and she only messed up once. After drinking soap she decided that she was going to do it right.Presenting Bubble Mountain! She played in it and touched it which made me so happy as some days its a challenge. I am so thankful that we are finally having answers and able to help get her where she needs to be.

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