Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday- Big news

I havnt posted lately as I have been very unsure of where we were going in our life. Blessings none the less but some you have to go through some hell first. Mostly this is very personal on our end but its nice to get it out somewhere.

 Late January we found out that we would be expecting number 6. Yay! However it is always a concern how everything will work as I am the only one working and get no maternity leave. Not so yay. The big guy upstairs has some plans I'm sure but still leaves me with some fear of the unknown. We also have been unsuccessful to find a home birth midwife that accepts our insurance and I do not have large chunks of money laying about. We will be going through a UP/UC which is all unassisted pregnancy and childbirth. Baby seems to be doing well and I'm gaining weight so all looks good on our end.

Our other big news is on Nanners. She has always been my handful child and always will be. She keeps us on our toes and occasionally makes me pluck gray hairs from my 20 year old head. We have always known that something was a bit off with her but just accounted it as quirks. However she has become increasingly more violent with others and herself now. Her speech has regressed tremendously and although she can still tell you stories about her Papi if you ask her to tell you what she did wrong it sounds like a bunch of marbles. We had always been on the fence about calling Early Intervention but after she gave herself plenty of bruises we felt as if we don't have a choice. She needs more help than obviously we can give her alone. She still is excelling intellectually but behaviorally she is gonna need help working through her feelings and expressing them appropriately. We are having our first consultation next week and then will be meeting with a developmental therapist and a behavioral therapist to get some suggestions to help her.

Prayers are always appreciated as this is a new road for all of us.

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